The breathtaking views that have accompanied the La Gritta restaurant over its thirty-year life are just one of the prized ‘ingredients’ of chef Roberto Pierro’s fabulous cuisine, featuring both classic favourites and innovative delights.

The enchanting aromas of the restaurant’s own garden, featuring heather, myrtle and wild rosemary, sit perfectly with the Mediterranean flavours on the menu. Over the years, La Gritta has become a regular venue for connoisseurs wishing to delight their eyes, spirit and taste buds.

Enamoured by what can only be called a marvel of nature, Simona D’Amore and Roberto Pierro brought their family out to Sardinia to realize a dream. After five years of experience with Paolo and Beniamino D’Amore, they took over the management of the restaurant, bringing with them all their energy and enthusiasm and a wealth of experience gained in Italy and abroad.